Period: 2018 – 2020

Overall Objectives:

  1. Gathering best practices and tools from each partner in the topics:  3 social economy, 3 social entrepreneurship and 3 social innovations – translated in Bulgarian, English, French, Spanish, German and Romanian
  2. Summarizing the practices and the tools in e-book library – translated in Bulgarian, English, French, Spanish, German and Romanian (with the participation of all partners)
  3. Six (6) short-term joint staff visits of experts to partnering organizations for exploring the practices

Work sphere: Labour Market, Social Inclusion and Integrated Services

Type of action: Research and Innovation

Client: Erasmus +

Budget: EUR 199 607,00


1.”AUR”- Asociatia Nationala a Specialistilor in Resurse, Romania;
2. Jaymac Consulting Ltd,United Kingdom;
3. Arjé Formación SL, Spain
4. Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières, France
5. Berufliches Bildungs- und Rehabilitationszentrum Österreich, Austria


  1. Development of a model for identifying potential social entrepreneurs among the target groups
  2. Development of a model of career guidance in social economy and entrepreneurship
  3. Development of training program in social economy, entrepreneurship and innovation
  4. Development of social entrepreneurship real life game

Modules and game created during the project