[10/01/2018] “Social entrepreneurship” on the big screen in Veliko Tarnovo

“Social entrepreneurship” screenings in Veliko Tarnovo, January 18th – January 25th 2018

Снимка на TAM.

Between January 18th and January 25th TAM will present five movies on social entrepreneurship and alternative economic models. All of these are applied in Italy, Brazil, Turkey, and France. The event is organised at the initiative of the Balkan Institute on Labour and Social Policy under the SUSY Project.

All screenings are free of charge.

The screening programme includes:

January 18th (Thursday), 19:00 – Unlearning (Italy, 2015, 60 min)

January 19th (Firday), 19:00 – Palmas (Brazil, 2014, 56 min)

January 25th (Thursday), 19:00 – three movies:

  • Extraordinary people (Turkey, 2015, 30 min)
  • Vivre dignement de sa terre (France, 2015, 37 min)
  • Et maintenant nos terres (France, 2015, 30 min)

You can find out more about the event, together with a brief description of the movies, in the Facebook event.


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