Срок за кандидатстване 21 септември 2022 г., 16.30 ч. Кой може да кандидатства Микро, малки и средни предприятия, регистрирани не по-късно от 31.12.2019 г., които: Са реализирали нетни приходи от продажби общо за 2019, 2020 и 2021 финансови години, както следва: Микро предприятие         ≥ 210 000 лева Малко предприятие          ≥ 750 000 лева Средно предприятие        ≥ 3 000 000 лева Са реализирали нетни […]

[01/06/2020] FWF Bulgaria Country Study 2019

Fair Wear Foundation recently released its Bulgaria Country Study 2019. The report explores the status of the garment industry and, more broadly, the industrial relations in the country. The country study also reviews the implementation of the Fair Wear Code of Labour Practices. Two of our BILSP colleagues actively contributed to drafting the report.

[11/05/2019] BILSP at an EPALE seminar in Bulgaria

The national support point of the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) held a seminar on ‘Good Practices in Adult Learning’ on April 18-19. Dr. Y. Takeva, Chair of the Trade Union of Bulgarian Teachers and winner of the ‘Ambassador of Lifelong Learning’ award in 2017, inaugurated the event. The seminar participants had the […]

[04/04/2019] Snapshots from the Borders project meeting in Brussels

Snapshots from the Borders project holds a two-day meeting in Brussels. The key topics of the meeting include the establishment of the Border Towns and Islands Network (BTN), presentation of intermediate project results and activities planning for 2019. Our colleagues working on the project in the Bulgarian territory are Mr. Dimitar Matev (BILSP), Ms. Vesna (senior […]

[14/01/19] BILSP co-ordinating Social Innovation Zone project

BILSP is the co-ordinator of Social Innovation Zone, a two-year project started in the end of 2018 under Erasmus+ program for Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices. Together with five European organizations from Austria, France, Romania, Spain and UK, BILSP will acquire practices in Social Economy, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. The gathered […]

[06/09/2018] Eurofound’s new corporate video – who they are and what they do

Eurofound released its new corporate video Eurofound released its new corporate video! Here you can listen to the experts who help fulfil the foundation’s purpose true through hard work and dedication. See how they explain the challenges of employment and how the Foundation’s contributes to the labour market through providing evidence-based policymaking options. We want […]