[14/01/19] BILSP co-ordinating Social Innovation Zone project

BILSP is the co-ordinator of Social Innovation Zone, a two-year project started in the end of 2018 under Erasmus+ program for Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices. Together with five European organizations from Austria, France, Romania, Spain and UK, BILSP will acquire practices in Social Economy, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. The gathered […]

[06/09/2018] Eurofound’s new corporate video – who they are and what they do

Eurofound released its new corporate video Eurofound released its new corporate video! Here you can listen to the experts who help fulfil the foundation’s purpose true through hard work and dedication. See how they explain the challenges of employment and how the Foundation’s contributes to the labour market through providing evidence-based policymaking options. We want […]

[07/07/2018] Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme Lessons Learnt

Three Thematic Funds of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme cross the finishing line! This occasion was celebrated with a two-day round table that was held in Tryavna, Bulgaria 12-13 July 2018 Among the participants were project beneficiaries, the Swiss Intermediate Bodies, the Swiss Contribution Office – Sofia, the Central Coordination Unit at the Council of Ministers, […]

[06/06/2018] BILSP and ISTUR are Eurofound’s correspondents for Bulgaria

As of February 2018, BILSP in consortium with the Institute for Social and Trade Union Research (ISTUR) are Eurofound correspondents for Bulgaria. The tasks both our organisations will undertake for the next three years include: providing input to Eurofound to map and compare regulations, policies and practices in industrial relations, working conditions, labour markets and […]

[25/05/2018] Политика за поверителност на БИТСП

Политика за поверителност на Балкански институт по труда и социалната политика (БИТСП) 24 май 2018   Ние от БИТСП  сме ангажирани да защитаваме Вашите лични данни. Препоръчваме Ви да се запознаете с настоящата политика за поверителност, която ще Ви даде информация как и какви лични данни обработваме в БИТСП като част от нашата дейност. Какви […]

[20/04/2018] SAAM 1st Progress Review meeting

SAAM’s 1st Progress Review meeting was held in Bled, Slovenia (courtesy to Partner JSI) between April 17th – April 19th 2018. The Consortium Partners discussed the progress in all work packages and planned the project actions for the next six month s, including: Planning in-depth interviews and focus groups with seniors as part of the […]

[01/03/2018] BILSP Code of Ethics

We are a well-established NGO, right? At the same time, we are on top of the wave in the NGO sector in Bulgaria, right? You are absolutely correct to think that! BILSP has its traditions and ways of working within itself and with the outside world. However, we also seek to constantly improve ourselves. Our […]

[10/01/2018] “Social entrepreneurship” on the big screen in Veliko Tarnovo

“Social entrepreneurship” screenings in Veliko Tarnovo, January 18th – January 25th 2018 Between January 18th and January 25th TAM will present five movies on social entrepreneurship and alternative economic models. All of these are applied in Italy, Brazil, Turkey, and France. The event is organised at the initiative of the Balkan Institute on Labour and […]