Name of the project: Round Table on Social Standards
Location: Bulgaria
Activity:       Project development and project management
Sphere: Corporate social responsibility; Human resources development
Duration:   2005 – on going
Financing organization:
CSR community in Bulgaria
  • To start the dialogue between the different stakeholders participating in production and export of textile and clothes to retail chains in Germany
  • Consultation on CSR issues,
  • Sharing of experience,
  • Preparation of Guidelines and Questionnaire for nominating the three best Social Responsible Enterprises in the Bulgarian Apparel Industry (big, medium and small);
  • Hosting the working group on organization of the contest for Social Responsible Enterprises;
  • Promotion of the work of the Round Table among different stakeholders
  • Organization of a National Conference on CSR issues annually
  • Promotion of the CSR concept in the Bulgarian apparel industry,
  • Establishing of good communications among the stakeholders – governmental institutions, trade unions, employers’ associations, NGOs, foreign importers of Bulgarian textile and garment goods,
  • Establishing a functioning focal point for the CSR issues in Bulgaria
  • National conference on Corporate Social Responsibility
  • National Competition for a Socially Responsible Enterprise