[2004-2005] Updating of the National Vocational Classifier of the Republic of Bulgaria, 1996

Period: 2004 – 2005

Work Sphere: Labour market and employment

Type of Action: Consultancy and Technical Assistance

Client: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Bulgaria

Partners: n/a

Objective: To update the titles of the occupations and the job positions in line with the contemporary structure and requirements to the jobs and the socio-economic management

Activities: Analysis of the legislation and the methodology related to the development and functioning of the NVC; Analysis of the differences in the data base of the current classifier and the changes in the requirements to the jobs; analysis of degree of harmonization of the NVC with the ISCO-88; Training and instructing of responsible officers for contacts with the institutions; Development of Alphabetic definer of the crafts with instructions to which code of classification the particular job position is relevant; Development of supporting documents for the NVC; Development of an electronic version of the updated NVC