[2004] Towards the Building of the Bulgarian Apparel Industry as a Leader in Corporate Social Responsibility

Period: 2004

Work Sphere: Corporate and social responsibility

Type of Action: Capacity building

Client: European Trade Union Federation of Textile, Clothing and Leather

Partners: ETUF-TCL, Adidas – Salomon, H&M, Levi’s, Nike

Objective: Encouraging the constructive dialogue between government, social partners and workers in the sawing industry leading to increased co-operation in jointly building the Bulgarian Apparel Industry’s market position as a “leader in Corporate Social Responsibility”

Activities: Training of 50 representatives of the factories’ management and 100 representatives of the workers how to build the capacity within their factory; Providing supervision of the IC meetings (over 45 meetings); consulting on the problems arisen uring the supervision; Organising 12 training workshops, divided in 3 phases, a Preparatory workshop and an Evaluation seminar