[2005] Labour market flexibility and modernization – comparative analysis of the labour code and other relevant legislation

Period: 2005

Work Sphere: Labour market and Employment

Type of Action: Consultancy and Technical Assistance

Client: Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria

Partners: Gesellschaft fuer Vericherungs-wissenschaft und-gestaltung e.V. (GVG)

Objective: To help the Government of Bulgaria to reform the labor market aiming at improving labor market adaptability, in particular, to improve the existing Labor Code and other labor legislation in order to make it more conducive to job creation and employment growth

Activities: Comparative analysis of labor legislation vis-à-vis to OECD relevant labor legislation, labor laws in transition countries focusing in particular on key labor market flexibility indicators, such as flexibility of hiring flexibility of firing, and conditions of employment; identification of key constraints to labor market flexibility in the Bulgarian labor legislation; A focus group survey to identify and discuss constraints to job creation and employment growth; Developing recommendations for improving the Labor Code, the Social Insurance Code and other relevant legislation