[2006-2007] INFOREGIO

Period: 2006 – 2007

Work Sphere: Other: regional development

Type of Action: Consultancy and Technical Assistance

Client: Ministry of Economy and Energy of Republic of Bulgaria

Partners: Kostenetz municipality; Dolna banya municipality

Objective: To attract new investors in the neighboring municipalities of Dolna Banya and Kostenetz

Activities: Analysis of the existing data environment on municipal level; Development of more than 200 indictors on municipal level; Elaboration of a methodology for gathering, processing and storing of a data of the newly created indicators; Development of a database software product for storing data; Pilot testing of the system through field work in Dolna Banya and Kostenetz municipalities; Issuing an investors’ bulletin on a hard copy and CD version as well as on a web page; Creating informational product of municipal data for investors; Development of a Municipal strategy for creating new jobs.