[2009-2012] Effective utilization of the CSR practises to deal with the margins of the labour markets in South East Europe

Period: 2009 – 2012

Work Sphere: Corporate and social responsibility

Type of Action: Analysis, Capacity building, Awareness

Client: EC, DG “Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities”

Funding: EU – PROGRESS programme

Partners: ESC – Economic and Social Council, “AUR” – A.N.S.R.U (Romania)

Objective: Improve the understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility as an effective instrument to achieve the directly related to the labour market objectives of EES; improve the institutional capacity of the different stakeholders – governmental bodies, social partners, NGOs;

Activities: Creation of inventory of CSR practices related to attracting people from the margins of the labour market (young people, pre-retirement age people, disabled, low-educated and low-skilled, women after maternity leave) – best practices form Bulgaria, Denmark, France, UK, Ireland, Romania and Sweden; Development of methodology for monitoring and assessment of the level of excellence in CSR practices in Europe (Methodology); Pilot project for testing the developed methodology in 6-10 enterprises; Dissemination.