[2005-2006] Development of a System for Studying the Needs for Vocational Training and

Development of a System for Studying, Identifying and Monitoring of the Employers’ and Employees’ Needs for Vocational Training and

Period: 2005 – 2006

Work Sphere: Orientation and training

Type of Action: Consultancy and Technical Assistance

Client: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Republic of Bulgaria

Partners: GOPA Consutants, Alpha Research, Free German Universities

Objective: Maintaining and improving the human resource quality and their job placement through regular information and analysis of the employers and employees training needs; establishing a mobile and adaptive system for adult training taking into account the social and economic needs.

Activities: Developing an information database, a methodology for training needs at the labour market; Testing the system in 12 regions; Training to staff of the MLSP, Employment Agency, Ministry of Education and Science, National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, social partners, vocational training centers.