Social & Solidarity Economy as Development Approach for Sustainability (SSEDAS) in EYD 2015 and beyond (SUSY)

SUSY is a 3-year collaboration project (2015-2018) with 26 European partners and 10 partners from Latin America, Africa and Asia. This is an important opportunity to explore and promote social and solidarity economy in the context of individual European countries.

The SUSY project brings together and shows you examples of the solidarity economy, so that people involved and interested in solidarity-based initiatives can network and interact, and we can share and open up the idea of the solidarity economy to more and more people. By collecting and sharing these examples, we aim to gain new insights into the solidarity economy. We hope to enable reflection and discussion in order to discover and embark on more and more future opportunities and possibilities for the solidarity economy. At the same time – like other initiatives in the solidarity economy – we are building links with political decision makers so to increase their support for an alternative way of doing things.


COSPE (Italy), FAIRWATCH (Italy); Sudwing Agentur (Austria), SOS Faim (Belgium), DEŠA – Dubrovnik (Croatia), CARDET (Cyprus), Ekumenicka akademie Praha (Czech Republic), Mondo (Estonia), PETF – Pro Ethical Trade (Finland), Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières (France), Inkota (Germany), Fair Trade Hellas (Greece), DemNet (Hungary), Cromo Foundation (Hungary), Waterford One World Centre (Ireland), Green Liberty (Latvia), Kopin (Malta), Fundacja „Koalicja Sprawiedliwego Handlu” (Poland), IMVF – Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr (Portugal), TERRA Mileniul III Foundation (Romania), Slovak Centre for Communication and Development (Slovakia), Mirovni institut (Slovenia), Cerai (Spain), The Cooperative College (UK), Think Global (UK).