[12/04/2018] SAAM Needs Assessment – Initial Survey Complete


“In order to create technology for seniors, one must first know seniors.”

This is the motto that guided us, SAAM Team members, while we were conducting the initial quantitative survey among seniors (part of the Needs Requirements Assessment of the SAAM Project).

The preliminary results from the survey show that there are distinct, but not stark, differences among seniors from Austria (EURAG Osterreich and PLUS), Bulgaria (BILSP, BRC and Caritas) and Slovenia (SOCA). The results, together with the Basic User Profiles we derived from the survey, will be presented at the 6-month Consortium meeting in Bled, Slovenia (April 17th – April 20th 2018).

An exemplary question that we obtained an answer to is how seniors feel with respect to technologies (see Chart).

We are looking forward to conducting in-depth interviews with seniors who are typical representatives of the Basic User Profiles. This will help us ground our decisions regarding SAAM technology with qualitative data coming from seniors themselves.

Expect more updates soon!



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