Name of the project: Effective utilization of the CSR practises to deal with the margins of the labour markets in South East Europe
Location: Bulgaria, Romania
Activity: Project development and project management
Sphere: Corporate Social Responsibility
Duration: 10.2008 – 09.2009
Financingorganization: EU – PROGRESS programme
Beneficiary: EC, DG “Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities”
Partners: ESC – Economic and Social Council, “AUR” – A.N.S.R.U (Romania)


  • To improve the understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility as an effective instrument to achieve the directly related to the labour market objectives of EES;
  • To assist in improving the institutional capacity of the different stakeholders – governmental bodies, social partners, NGOs;
  • To identify and prove the relevance and sustainability of the project results by testing the implementation of selected best practices for socially responsible production as well as the methodology for monitoring and assessment of CSR practices in 6-10 enterprises in Bulgaria and Romania.

One of the cumulative effects of achieving the three above-listed objectives was promoting the CSR concept among employers and investors to introduce socially responsible production and investment as a competitive instrument on the market. A second effect was getting more people into jobs especially those at the margins of the labour market thus tackling also discrimination and inequality.



  • Creation of inventory of CSR practices related to attracting people from the margins of the labour market (young people, pre-retirement age people, disabled, low-educated and low-skilled, women after maternity leave) – best practices form Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Romania and Sweden.
  • Development of methodology for monitoring and assessment of the level of excellence in CSR practices in Europe (Methodology)
  • Pilot project for testing the developed methodology in 6-10 enterprises
  • Dissemination of project results


  • Documents
  • Compendium of CSR best practices aiming at attracting people at the margins of the labour market into employment;
  • Methodology for monitoring and assessment of the level of execellence in CSR practices in Europe
  • Reports
  • Conferences – in Sofia, Bucharest and Brussels
  • Pilot testing in 6-10 enterprises

Matherials from the project:

Compendium and Methodology of Best Practicies in CSR