Name of the project:
Towards the Building of the Bulgarian Apparel Industry as a Leader in Corporate Social Responsibility
Training, consultancy and technical assistance
Corporate Social Responisbility
02.2004 – 12.2004
Financing organization:
EU DG “Employment, Social affairs and Equal Opportunities
  • Encouraging the constructive dialogue between government, social partners and workers in the sawing industry leading to increased co-operation in jointly building the Bulgarian Apparel Industry’s market position as a “leader in Corporate Social Responsibility”
  • Under the first phase of the project “Training the Trainers” 50 representatives of the factories’ management (supervisors and managers) and 100 representatives of the workers were trained how to build the capacity within their factory
  •  Under the second phase “Apply the Learning” supervision of the IC meetings was provided – more than 45 meetings were attended by BILSP
  • Under the third phase “Encouraging Shared Vision” consulting on the problems arisen during Phase 2 was done and additional training was delivered
  • The staff engaged had prepared and held together with foreign lecturers 12 training workshops, divided in 3 phases and a Preparatory workshop and an Evaluation seminar
  • More than 150 workers, supervisors and managers were trained in 12 3-day workshops. During the course of the project the trained workers conducted more than 60 Improvement Circles sessions attended by more than 500 co-workers
  • At these sessions questions of developing the CSR at the factory level were discussed and presented to the factory management