[2019-2022] RESILOC project

Period: 2019 – 2022

Work Sphere: Innovation

Type of Action: Research and Innovation

Client: Horizon 2020


  1. Increase the understanding of resilience in societies and local communities.
  2. Innovate on the strategies for improving resilience.
  3. Innovate on tools and solutions for improving on resilience in communities.
  4. Communicate, demonstrate and assess the validity of approaches, solutions and tools in field trials.
  5. Have an impact and define concrete steps towards a more resilient society.


  1. Fraunhofer, Germany
  3. NKUA, Greece
  4. TIHR, United Kingdom
  5. ISIG, Italy
  6. JSI, Slovenia
  7. WNRI, Norway
  8. RAN, United Kingdom
  9. BILSP, Bulgaria
  10. Comune CT, Italy
  11. DYTIKI ACHAIA, Greece
  12. City of Bergen, Norway
  13. Regione Sicilia, Italy
  14. BRC, Bulgaria
  15. HMOD, Greece
  16. ACPDR, Slovenia