Seventh Conference 2013


At the Information Centre of the European Parliament in Sofia was held the Seventh Conference on CSR “Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Audits” under the auspices of the Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

The main objective of the Conference was to raise public interest in the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Bulgaria and promote the benefits of application of this concept in the field of implementation of social standards and social audit. The Conference is the longest standing national and regional forum, where the countries of South-Eastern Europe share their experience in the development of Corporate Social Responsibility.

During the Conference were shared views and experience of practical use of CSR in conducting social audits and was created a platform for exchange of experience between representatives of business and state authorities, non-governmental organizations and trade unions.

Discussions were focused on the search for answer to the question whether and how the successful CSR policies, linked with the creation of standards in this area and conducting social audits, contribute to the sustainability of the business in the conditions of the global economic crisis, as a result is expected to improve the understanding of the audience about the benefits of CSR and the ways to implement the related concepts.

During the Conference for the seventh time were awarded the annual „Socially Responsible Company of the Year” of the National Round Table on the introduction of the social standards in Bulgaria.

National award is a public recognition and moral support for businesses and hotels in Bulgaria, adhering to the best practices of socially responsible behaviour.

In accordance with the categories of industries in national legislation, the National award was given in the categories:
1. Tourism
2. Garment industry
3. Furniture and Woodworking industry

In the category Tourism award for socially responsible company was given to the Seaside Hotel “Majestic Beach Resort”, from seaside resort Sunny Beach and “Murite Club Hotel”, Bansko.

In the Garment industry category award for socially responsible company was given to “New Age Bulgaria” Ltd., Gabrovo.

In the category Furniture and Woodworking Industry award for socially responsible company was given to “Altech Design” Ltd., Bankia and ” Bial Bor Engineering ” Bratsigovo.

The awards were presented personally by Mr. Ademov , Minister of Labour and Social Policy , Ms. Svetlana Dyankova, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy and Mr. Ivan Neykov, chairman of the Steering Committee of the Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy .

Presentations (in Bulgarian):

ISO 26 000 – Marina Stefanova

Methodology for conducting social audit – Zlatka Gospodinova

Social monitoring as an instrument for implementing CSR in the organization – Ivan Ivanov

Methodology of the social audit – Dimitar Matev

Publication (in Bulgarian):

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy