[14/01/19] BILSP co-ordinating Social Innovation Zone project

BILSP is the co-ordinator of Social Innovation Zone, a two-year project started in the end of 2018 under Erasmus+ program for Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices.

Together with five European organizations from Austria, France, Romania, Spain and UK, BILSP will acquire practices in Social Economy, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. The gathered practices will help us create a Social Lab, model for career guidance, training program on entrepreneurship, and a real life game thus developing the topic and implementing it in real life after the end of the project.







Through the project, BILSP hopes to develop the idea of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovations in Bulgaria. These are currently underestimated practices, not very popular and neglected by the state, although they have big potential as economic and social drivers for the varied group targeted in the project – economically inactive young people, young parents, people with disabilities, and single parents among others.

By the end of the project, we will have over 50 practices gathered, analyzed, adapted, translated and put into an e-library for public use.


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