Name of the project: Going beyond Social Auditing: Towards a Comprehensive and Participatory Monitoring Structure by Enabling In-House Dialogue between Management and Workers
Location: Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Belgium
Activity:      Trainings, consultancy and technical assistance
Sphere: Corporate social responsibility
Duration:   11.2006 – 11.2007
Financing organization: EU
Beneficiary:     European Commission
Partners:     IRENE, ETUF-TCL
  • Тo create a common understanding of stakeholders regarding the following questions:
  • What are the benefits and chances of dialogue approaches?
  • What are the weaknesses and risks of dialogue approaches?
  • What are the criteria for introducing self-sustaining in-house dialogue structures?
  • What are the criteria for in-house dialogue structures in the framework of a comprehensive monitoring approach and improved social audit?
  • providing expert for the brainstorming session
  • providing experts to frame the activities, the management practices, the training measures, the resources, etc.
  • providing experts for summarising and evaluation of the results of the European seminar
  • development of based on systematic approach criteria for in-house dialogue structures between management and workers in the framework of comprehensive and participatory monitoring and improved social auditing
  • organising the logistics for the second expert seminar which was held in Bulgaria including visiting Bulgarian apparel factory and discussion with the management and the workers there
  • developed criteria to enable a in-house dialogue between management of suppliers and workers on company level on compliance with social standards in the new EU member states and applicant countries
  • suppliers (and retailers), Trade Unions and NGOs have a better understanding on how to go beyond the limits of social audits and how to contribute to systemic solutions for humane working conditions
  • increased consistency and convergence on in-house dialogue processes on company-level to overcome the limits of social auditing methods and their application
  • overcome ‘auditing fatigue’ and improve management systems criteria for the involvement of worker which allow a development of participatory approaches in auditing and monitoring