Services provided by BILSP


  • Project development and project management
·         European funds and programs
·         Other bilateral and international donors
·         Other government funds
  • Training, consultancy and technical assistance
·         Management of European Funds and Programs
·         Project Management
o        Financial Management
o        Managing  of the supplies
o        Control, Monitoring and Reporting
·         Corporate Social Responsibility
·         Strategic planning in the public sector
·         Competitiveness through investments in working conditions
·         HR Management
·         Organizational structure and institutional capacity
  • Social audits
  • Development and management of programs and strategies
  • Preliminary and subsequent evaluation of projects, programs and strategies
  • Assistance and mediation to find funds to implement programs and projects
  • Social and Economic Analysis
·         Labor Market
·         Corporate Social Responsibility
·         Labor Relations
·         Social Security
·         Safe and healthy working conditions
·         Social Policies
·         Employment
·         Professional qualification and training
  • Development of management systems for:
·         Project management and management of programs
·         Monitoring
·         Financial accountability of projects and programs


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