Activities under the project SUSY will be implemented in the following 23 European member countries (including 46 territories): Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Malta, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Latvia, Ireland.

The planned activities are: research, training, raising awareness / information and advocacy in the SSE.

Citizens in each territory will also be involved in activities to raise awareness, to inform the general public about the role that social and solidarity economy can play in combating poverty and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

SUSY project is promoted by BILSP in collaboration with 25 European partners * and 10 partners from Latin America, Africa and Asia. The project duration is 3 years (February 2015 - January 2018). This is an important opportunity to explore and promote social and solidarity economy in the context of individual European countries. The main objective is to create a bottom-up approach, starting with collecting and organizing information on this specific experience locally, helping to better understand the contents of the SSE international and domestic policies.

Materials on the project:

Leaflet 1

Leaflet 2


A film about the Bulgarian Food Bank, which aims to utilize edible food that is overproduced and can not be sold - an average of 270,000 tons of food:


Social enterprise 'Bakery Social club "not only prepares leavened bread from an old Bulgarian recipe, but its workers are also disadvantaged children, and thus providing them professional qualification and opportunities for further development and realization .:




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