Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy is accredited independent monitor of the FLA for Bulgaria, Albania and Slovakia. Social Monitoring involves carrying out social audit in enterprises producing for members of FLA. In general, the requirements of FLA for the social audit include:

  • Preliminary study of the situation with respect to labour and human rights in the region and particularly in the audited entity;
  • Conducting interviews with workers outside the company prior to audit itself;
  • Interviews with senior and middle management of the company;
  • Interviews with employees of the company, working in different divisions, of different ages with different seniority, different sex, ethnicity, religion etc.
  • Reviewing documentation related to compliance with labour and human rights in the company;
  • Reviewing the workplaces, premises, where the workers eat, workers' dormitories, changing rooms, etc.

Based on the results of the social audit the company develops an action plan that describes actions, deadlines and responsible persons for improving the compliance of the labour and human rights in the company.

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